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What If I Forgot To List A Creditor In My Bankruptcy Petition?

As part of supplying the necessary documents to your bankruptcy attorney in Atlanta before your case is filed, you will be asked to get a copy of your credit reports. You have an obligation to the Bankruptcy Court to disclose all of your debts in your petition, regardless of whether you want to continue to pay a debt after filing (ex: house or car payment).

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I Need Help But I Don’t Want To Hurt My Credit Score.

Let’s put things into perspective. Your credit score is a number that tells your creditors whether you are in a position to incur new debt based on the amount of debt you have outstanding, among other factors. If you don’t want to incur new debt, then why are you so hung up on your credit [...]

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Press Release – Van Wieren Law Firm, LLC

Announcing the opening of Van Wieren Law Firm, LLC, specializing in Atlanta Bankruptcy Law. Van Wieren Law Firm, LLC began operations in Atlanta in the Fall of 2009, specializing in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy matters.

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Can I Keep My Tax Refund If I File For Bankruptcy In Atlanta?

It’s that time of the year when people use their tax refunds to file for bankruptcy protection, or to get ahead after their bankruptcy case has been discharged. Whether you can keep your tax refund depends on questions that you should be prepared to answer before your case is filed with the bankruptcy court in [...]

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